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Beers from Brdy

We believe that great tasting beer comes from the love of traditional craftmanship. The whole brewing process is in the hands of our specialist brewer, Ivan.

Podlesí lager


Traditional, 3x hopped lager of the Pilsen type with Podlesí touch. Bottom fermented. Žatec hops add a classic and very popular taste. An exceptionally drinkable lager.


Alcohol 5% / IBU (bitterness) 19
Gradation 12 / Content 0.75l


Beer, Bier & Ale - annual awards 2014 - 1st place

Pivní sklenice
Oceněný ležák
Vychlazené pivo

Thomas Brut IPA

The modern beer style is fermented completely with no residual sugar in the beer. A popular special among wine lovers, the Thomas Brut IPA embodies a dry taste with a hint of champagne.

IPA - Thomas - Podlesí

Alcohol 6.9% / IBU (bitterness) 30
Gradation 12 / Content 0.75l


Regional Food 2020 for the Central Bohemian Region - award by the President of the Food Chamber

Pivní sklo
English style Ale



Our award winning English style beer is made from Bavarian hops. This British semi-dark top-fermented ale smells of quality malt and offers a bitter taste.


Alcohol 6% / IBU (bitterness) 43
Gradation 13 / Content 0.75l


Golden Beer Seal 2020 - 1st place in the English Style Ale category

Cold beer
Samet bock style


Beer style "Bock"


Alcohol 7% / IBU (bitterness) 26

Gradation 15 / Content 0.75l


Fermented for even longer that usual, this dark lager provides caramel and chocolate tones, without being too sweet.


Alcohol 5.4% / IBU (bitterness) 27
Gradation 13 / Content 0.75l

Poctivé tmavé pivo
Studené pivo - Mikeš
Korma z Podlesí



By combining our beer and purely natural Hřebeč mead, we created Korma. A beautiful fusion of beer and honey and a stunning ancient celtic dessert drink.


Alcohol 5% / IBU (bitterness) 31
Gradation 12 / Content 0.75l

Medovinové pivo
Studená pivní sklenice
APA - American pale ale



A representative of the American pale ale, made from Czech hops. Elbrus offers a very strong fruity taste and aroma. Perfect for those special occasions.


Alcohol 6% / IBU (bitterness) 46
Gradation 13 / Content 0.75l

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